PS3 X360
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Section 8

Section 8

PS3 X360
Výrobce: TimeGate Studios
Vydavatel: SouthPeak Games / TimeGate Studios
Datum vydání: 01.09.2009


With All Due Haste Capture the Missile Silo on "Nuclear Dawn" in under 8 minutes on hard difficulty
Lightning Assault Capture the Munitions Facility in Blackstone Marsh within 4 minutes of hacking the Heavy
Mission Accomplished Complete the campaign on any difficulty
Over Achiever Complete the campaign on hard difficulty
To the Delphi Main Complete the first half of the campaign on any difficulty
First Drop Complete the first mission of the campaign on any difficulty
You're Doing It Right Finish in first place on the winning team in a ranked match
Badge Expert Earn each badge in ranked matches
Feat Expert Earn each feat in ranked matches
Badge Collector Earn 5 unique badges in ranked matches
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