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BarackObama , 07.10.2018 16:02

Today we're going to be discussing about political correctness and how liberalism has gone too far... One example for all - Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House on the Prairie books whose name has been removed from a writting award (The American Library Association) because her books displaced stereotypical attitudes and contain racial language.

For Christ's sake, I'd be amazed if they didn't? These books are based on the author's childhood between 1870 and 1894. That's five years after slavery was abolished! The books were written during the Jim Crow laws! It's almost as if culture norms aren't fixed and changed with the passage of time. Who is this helping? You? Me? No one needs protecting from just an old book or for that matter the racially charged language of Huckleberry Fin, To Kill a Mockingbird or whatever... What does this achieve? Stop sanitizing and denying the past to make yourself look good!

We live in the most inclusive, progressive, diverse, prosperous society ever in human history, yet we behave as we've never had it so bad... We're told that there is prejudice wherever you look because there aren't enough female biographies on Wikipedia or Bain cyclists on the road! Apparently, the biggest challenge to London cyclists is not safety, it's diversity... We used to react to prejudice, now we actively seek it out often where it's nonexistent. Even big companies like Google don't hesitate to do unnecessary changes. Did you know that Google has taken the egg out of its salad emoji to make it more inclusive for vegans?! Gormless...

Recently, you had Vogue magazine saying tackling women's issues today is harder than women's battle for the votes. You pampered, privately, educated Jezebels! The suffragettes went on hunger strike, Emily Davidson sacrificed her life! Wearing a Louis Vuitton black dress on red carpet it's not the same as jumping in front of a racehorse... Stop demonstrating how worthy you are! 

This is just a corporate extension of modern phenomenon of demonstrating how right and woke we all are. I see people who define themselves as anti-fascist on their Twitter profiles... Excuse me?! Who the hell isn't, may I ask you? I'm sorry, that's the default setting! It's not impressive to be one! Imagine showing off: "I am NOT a fascist!" Good! What do you want? A medal? Not endorsing fascism is about as common as not endorsing fingering children, okay? Can we not just work from the assumption that most people, even people we don't like, aren't fascists?

This is what identity politics does to you. It turns your head into a blancmange and you can't see the world how actually is. You see fascism, racism and opression where there is none! Jonathan Friedland, a top executive from Netflix got fired for saying an offensive word (N-word) in a meeting that was called to discuss use of offensive words... What an irony, right? Welcome to 2018 where context and intent are no longer required to brand your fellow citizens racist! Absolute madness, yet it's mainstream. 

The latest Star Wars instalment is through criticism because it doesn't deal with the issue of slavery in a satisfactory manner... Shut up! I am watching Star Wars for Christ's sake! *Pew, pew, pew* Then the film Dunkirk was criticized for not having enough women or people of color... It's set in the English Channel during World War 2! This is politicization of art which of course is the end of art!

J.K.Rowling's got a pasting from LGBT activists because Dumbledore isn't openly gay in the new Fantastic Beasts film... Is this really the height of the gay community's oppression? I don't for one second believe it is, but if it is, the war has already been won. If the worst thing that's happening, is a wizard not being shown taking it up to the elbow, then you made it! Chill out! It's all good mate!

Do you think any normal person and when I say normal I mean white, black, yellow, girl, boy, gay, straight and everything in between gives a damn about this crap? Anyone normal, they just want to eat their spaghetti with tomato sauce, drink their skinny latte, watch their mediocre kids movie, appreciate old novels written by people with different sets of values to us and of course speak out against racism and oppression and injustice but where it actually exists because there's a lot about, there's a lot in this world, but you won't find it in a novel written hundred years ago or in a picture of an egg nor in a sci-fi movie with laser lightsabers...



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